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Female Equals Future

It’s Friday.

I didn’t go to work today because my boss was not in the office as well. I am having a second thought about what decision to make regarding my stay here in New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong this country is a nice majestic place, but, to be honest, it is quite a struggle to live far away from home.

I just hope that one day I can make up my mind if should I stay or should I go home. Being away from home has taught me a lot about life and I know that I am on the right track for my future. I’ll get there soon just need more time to contemplate.

How is everything for you?






I am making my way to have time creating more blogs religiously. I wanna fix my URL and this website. I am still looking for a part-time job. I hope I could spot one before the month end.






2019 Hair Color

Happy Monday!

It’s not so pleasing day today because of bad weather on a summer season. It’s like Mr. rain snatched one day away from Mr.sunshine. Anyway, I am just getting ready to visit dreamland and I am contemplating about hair color because I wanted to get one done this year. I’ve searched from Pinterest and luckily I get to see a lot to choose from.

(photos are courtesy of Pinterest, not mine)


What hair color you wish to have this year, just in case there is.


New Job

It’s friyay! I just came in from work. A good officemate and friend of mine drop me off my house. Anyway, A lot has happened this week in the office. We discuss my work hours as I am going to look for another part-time job.

I am looking forward to land in another job that I’ve applied for recently, Hope they’ll get back to me. How is your week?




Photoshoot 2019

park f1
Trial 😀

park f2park f3

After work, Shawn and I decided to go to the nearest park just to have a little photo shoot. It was a hot summer afternoon but I love it so much. I am not anticipating for winter so soon. But u know here in Christchurch it seems like it’s always winter and just a month of summer, that’s based on my opinion it might be different from the others.


2019 Fashion Trends

Well, it’s getting busier as usual cause I am back in action with work. But I’ll try to catch up regularly here on my blog. As I treat this space as my mini-break away from all the commotion. Before I get so much occupied by circumstances, I manage myself to sneak in at some leading glossy page in the world of FASHIIOOOON!

I checked what fashion statement will be trending this year. (I just choosed those things that I am interested with.)

Source: Elle Magazine

Source: Elle Magazine

Source: Glamour Magazine

Literally, I am dying for the big ruffles. But, there is one fashion mag that says ruffles will be out in 2019. Needless to say, I didn’t listen! Haha! I love pastel colors, with tops or long skirt would be great. And sequins according to Glamour, I am very keen for short skirts detailed with sequins! I adore it. I think it will never run out of style, but of course, you will choose occasion in where you can flaunt it.


2019 First Day of Work

One thing I know it will be a busy year for me and the team. Basically, we’ve run through “how to organize things between us and our job” to help us work efficiently and with direction and to avoid getting lost in between task.

And now I will be working with a team which is quite better for me coz I easily get lost most of the time. So how is your work situation going?

After a quite long afternoon session, I headed to the bus station to meet Shawn. Because we are in a hunt for an electric fan. We are in the mid-summer season here in the southern hemisphere. And it’s really hot at night and we don’t have aircon on our apartment. Last year in Auckland there was an electric fan shortage. Anywhere we go it seems like there was a black friday sale for electric fan. It’s a burden for us, we persevere sleeping in a hot summer night.


Welcome to my humble nook. hihi